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Assistance dogs

Did you know over 7000 people in the UK  have an assistance dog?

So if businesses were more accessible and accommodating for assistance dogs and their handlers this may lead to an increase in customers and revenue.

Assistance dog handlers in the UK have reported that:

    • 78% of partnerships were denied access to service providers due to a “no dogs” policy
    • 67% were refused entry because their assistance dog was not a guide dog
    • 61% were asked for documentation or registration
    • 50% of assistance dog teams experienced their dog being shouted at
    • 39% were told their dog couldn’t be an assistance dog based on factors like colour, breed, vest
    • 25% reported incidents of their assistance dog being kicked or hit while working
    • These are just some of the aspects Accessibility For You in collaboration with infinity dogs are focused on addressing.
    • Please work with us to create a more accessible and inclusive society for all, including those with assistance dogs.

    “As an assistance dog handler who has experienced poorly trained staff leading to the humiliation of being refused entry because of having an assistance dog, I can honestly say THIS HAS TO STOP! Nobody should have to experience what I did for having a legally recog.nized aid under the Equalities Act.”

    Legally registered assistance dogs are trained for this purpose. They are of a higher hygiene level, regularly flead and wormed, have regular vet visits and vaccinations, trained to be well behaved in public, remain at the handler’s side, not beg or affect members of the public.

    Legally Registered Assistance Dogs have what’s known as ‘Access Right.’ This ensures they are compliant with the above and should legally be allowed into any place which serves the public, whether it’s restaurants, shops or public entertainment facilities.”


    I contacted the business in question, and they just sent a gift card and IGNORED any further contact.

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