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Accessible holidays

Did you know?

The UK holiday market misses out on £12.4 billion due to inaccessible holidays or venues!

This can be down to multiple factors:

1. Holidays/venues don’t advertise themselves as being accessible 

The majority of Holidays/ venues don’t actively promote themselves as accessible as accessibility is often seen as an afterthought not a selling point.

2. Holidays/venues don’t know what accessibility features they should have.

This is where Accessibility For You comes in, we offer access audits to businesses that can be carried out remotely or in person following which we can provide suggestions for physical and reasonable adjustments along with providing improvement opportunities such as staff training or BSL equipment.

3. Customers don’t know where or how accessible a holiday/venue is.

Customers or potential customers need clear information of the accessibility features available accompanied with photo evidence as the majority of users must see the layout of accessibility features so they can identify where meets their needs 

 Photo evidence is equally crucial for users to be reassured the business actually has the facilities it has.

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