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Empowering Individuals Through

Accessibility Information - Facts Not Opinion

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Empowering Individuals Through

Celebrating Businesses Who Excel At Accessibility

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Empowering Individuals Through

Improving Businesses Accessibility

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About Us

Why We Are Different?

At Accessibility For You we appreciate accessibility goes far beyond physical access and whether you can get into/ out of a business, it’s about the customer experience when your in, such as are staff trained in disability awareness? To show you patience and empathy? Or are staff trained In legal rights as outlined in the Equality Act? Or do they have equipment to enable BSL user’s to communicate independently with staff? The list is endless.

At Accessibility For You we don’t agree with labelling somewhere good or bad,we recognise the importance of just giving people the facts enabling them to decide for themselves, because one persons priority isn’t someone else’s 

Equally we believe in giving businesses the opportunity and guidance on how they can improve to become more accessible, welcome new customers and generate more revenue.

Our Services

Free customer review

Do you want to leave a review to share your experience with a business for the benefit of the disability community and those with access needs?
Reviews must be factual, not opinion-based, and dated to ensure users know how accurate and trustworthy the information given is. They should come from users with lived experience, either personally or with someone in their party with access needs, and encompass all aspects of the customer experience, including all access needs, not just physical.

Self audit

A cost effective method that businesses can adopt to assess their accessibility features is to use a detailed questionnaire formulated and provided by a qualified auditor. This self-audit method necessitates the businesses carrying out a thorough examination and recording measurements, while also providing multiple photographic evidence to support their claims.

It is important to note that these self-audits should not be biased and cannot contain any false statements or claims regarding accessibility features. To ensure that self-audit reports are authentic and reliable, they must be verified by a qualified auditor and supported with photographic evidence before they can be published.

By choosing to adopt this cost effective method, businesses can confidently evaluate their accessibility features and ensure they meet the relevant standards and regulations. It is essential that businesses prioritize accessibility for all individuals, regardless of their abilities, and this self-audit process can aid in achieving this goal.

In person audit

Although slightly more expensive, the benefits of a qualified auditor visiting your business and carrying out an access audit are absolutely worth it! Not only does it save time for businesses, but it also ensures a thorough and accurate assessment of customer experiences.

The auditor will conduct the audit in a discreet “secret shopper” style, which will provide a true reflection of how your customers perceive your business. This unbiased feedback can help identify areas for improvement and ultimately lead to better customer satisfaction and retention.

In short, investing in an access audit performed by a professional auditor is a wise decision that can pay dividends in the long run. It’s a small price to pay for valuable insights and improvements that can ultimately lead to increased success and growth for your business.

All audits/reviews are verified by qualified access auditors and must by accompanied by photo evidence and won't be published if either aren't submitted. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of information given

What's next?

At  Accessibility For You we appreciate not everyone wants to preplan and research their days/visit some want sponteniety and the  ability to just turn up.

This is why Accessibility For You uses printed resources to be displayed prominently in  the entrance of a business highlighting accessibility features available so users can see this at a glance.

This information can also be found on the accessibility directory on the website for those who want to preplan.

At Accessibility For You we believe businesses are against improving their accessibility, some just simply don’t know how. Accessibility For You gives businesses advise or the opportunity to improve their accessibility

Helping businesses to improve But how? With staff training BSL equipment Celebrating businesses who excel at accessibility |

Improvement Methods

Accessibility For You helps businesses enhance accessibility through physical changes, staff training, and communication tools for BSL users. These include:

Assistance dogs, handler rights & your business

Staff training

This training is available in person or online, depending on location, and can be provided to groups The training covers: Identifying assistance dogs & interacting with them Handler rights under the Equality Act, Expectations from assistance dogs in your business, Facility improvements for accommodating them

Disability awareness, customer service & customer experience

Staff Training

This can be delivered as online training. This means it is not location-dependent and can be provided to groups. The purpose of this training is to promote a more inclusive and diverse society by increasing understanding and sensitivity towards people with disabilities. Upon completing the training, participants will take a brief quiz, and then receive an accredited certificate.

BSL equipment

Sign Solutions

Accessibility For You proudly introduces SignSolutions providers of Interpreters Live Which enables customers or staff to be able to access a BSL interpreter in real-time improving the customer experience for BSL users

Why Improve & Is It Worth It?

Accessibility For You has identified that numerous businesses lack awareness regarding opportunities to enhance their accessibility. For some businesses, it's not a lack of wanting to improve but a case of not knowing how. Our mission is to raise awareness and demonstrate that investing in accessibility yields benefits for both the business and the community. Our research at Accessibility For You shows that businesses face significant challenges in adopting accessibility measures and making enhancements. They often ask:

How will people know about the improvements we've made beyond physical changes?

If people don't know about these improvements, how will it affect customer acquisition and revenue?

If we don't see the expected results, what's the point in investing in accessibility?

This is why Accessibility For You utilizes gold, silver, and bronze star ratings to show the public which businesses have invested in improvement methods. This gives businesses the moral competitive edge in a competitive marketplace.

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